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    Vive la Difference!

    Vive la Difference!

    duelist 1-2 Time for a change! After slugging it out with every High School in the state, let’s not rest upon our Laurels but rather get back to basics. Way back…before electricity!

    L’Ecole Classique!

    In the first week of March we will be offering introductory sessions to the Classical Martial Art forms of: The Small Sword, The Dueling Sword, The Dueling Sabre, and Classical Salle Fleuret. These dedications require exact balance and pronounced technique (from which we can all benefit!!) because, as their names suggests, they were either preparation for or execution upon the field of honor where every wrong action resulted in a real consequence…not just a red or green light!

    “Precision is the integrity of the Art of Arms.”

    The introductory Sessions are free of charge to Salle Members and $15.00 per session for Non Members. Check out our Schedule and show up in your fencing kit for some real time experience of what it takes to survive a Duel where you must strike without being struck! Primo Vivere!

    We will be scheduling classes for each weapon during the Month of March and also providing private instruction. Requirements are full fencing attire save weapon. Participants must be at least 15 years of age to participate. Classes are restricted to a maximum of six (6) participants. Extra classes will be added based upon demand.