Weapon Classes are set on a monthly schedule starting at the first week of each month and will have 4 or 5 classes per month depending on the calendar and priced accordingly. While it is best to begin a class or course at the beginning, students can join at any time. Weapon classes can be pre-booked and prepaid for the entire course and a 10% discount will be provided.

Wellness Classes are open to all and students can join at any time on ‘pay-as-you-go’ program.

Courses start at the beginning of each month and are progressive in their instruction. Students must start at the beginning of the course. Courses are pre-booked and prepaid only.

Private Instruction is provided by appointment only and payment is due per session. A book of four (4) private lessons can be purchased at any time and is subject to a 10% discount.

To book a Class, Course or Private Lesson, use below calendar to note the Class, Course or Day/Time you prefer.
(For Private Lessons, look for slots that are bannered “Available”) Then, go to our Contact Page and fill in the form appropriately.