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    Frustrated Indoors?

    Frustrated Indoors?

    If you’ve already looked into our schedule for March you will note that there are pools for each “Sport” weapon, vis: Epee, Sabre, and Foil at various times during the week. There is also Classical Bouting sessions on Saturdays.

    Firstly, by “Pool” we mean a competitive session rather than just Open Bouting. Score will be kept and Pool Sheets filled in. Records will be maintained to determine progress. These Pools are open to Members free of charge and at a rate of $10.00 per session for non members.

    To participate in a pool, you must contact me either by my contact page on the site (preferable as this time stamps your request) or by phone or direct email to this address. NOTE THAT THE POOLS WILL BE STRICTLY LIMITED TO THE FIRST 15 SABRES OR FIRST 10 FOIL OR EPEE THAT ENROLL, CURRENT MEMBER OR NON MEMBER. THIS IS REGARDLESS TO RANKING OR SKILL SET.

    The Pools will be 1.5 hours in duration and the Classical Weapon Bouting 2 hours. The restriction is therefore in place to control the time limits. Time and participation permitting we will do elimination pools of 5 to 10 touches with the final 4 in 15 touches.

    I will be posting the names of the booked participants on my Facebook Page as I receive them. Bookings cannot be made in blocks. Rather they must be made on Saturday Evening earliest for the following weeks pools. I will advise on my Facebook page when maximum participants numbers are met. Walk ins are only allowed if the Maximum number is not reached by the time the pool begins. This will be strictly enforced so please book early for the sake of good order and to ensure that you don’t make an unnecessary trip to the salle.

    Je vais vous voir sur la piste!!!