• 28SEP


    With regard to the clinics a few things from the original message need to be corrected.

    1) NOTE TO MENDHAM STUDENTS: Be advised that the Parents Association CANNOT provide uniforms or equipment. This would be a violation of the NJSIAA rules. Further, it is a policy of the salle not to provide equipment other than non electric practice weapons for beginner foil. All equipment requirements noted in the original message must be provided by the students. Again, this from the original message:



    Proper fencing attire is required for all levels:

    Advanced, Intermediate, Novice attending Saturday Clinics: Mask, Jackets, Plastron or chest protectors, gloves, fencing knickers or long sporting pants and complete electric kit to include lame’s, weapons, and body cords.

    Beginner and Novices taking the Sunday Clinics: Masks, Chest Protectors, Gloves: Foils will be provided in this basic course with an introduction to the other two weapons occurring during the curriculum.


    2) EPEE’: A great many of the Epee’ist have requested a Sunday time due to Saturday conflicts. This has been offered from 1 to 4 PM. I have not yet heard back from all confirming but it will be highly likely that there will only be one Novice Clinic available on Sunday Mornings from 10:00 to 11:00. This will be confirmed as soon as all the Epee’s get back to me.

    3) CONFIRMATIONS: There have thus far not been too many confirmations. I need to rearrange some things on my monthly schedule to accommodate the clinics. Therefore I cannot publish my October Schedule in full until I hear from those who have yet to respond. Please, if you intend to participate in the clinics I need to hear from you asap.