Annual Membership

As we wish to provide a very personal experience to our members, our membership is limited to Fifty Students.   Priority on the waiting list for membership is by application date.  Available slots become available throughout the year.   Membership benefits are:

  • Membership Pricing
  • Increased discounts
  • Advanced bookings and owned private lesson slots
  • Intra-Salle Competitions
  • Free Pick up and drop off at Absolute Fencing
  • Free Armory repair labor
  • Salle T-Shirts and Patch

Monthly Membership (available with Coach Dayn)

  • Discounted Non-Member pricing
  • Advanced bookings within the term of months purchased

Weapon Classes

Ongoing Classes and Private Lessons are available in all weapons at three distinct levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. These sessions are totally dedicated to the weapon of choice in either the modern Sport or the Classical art forms.

Study in the Sport class will prepare students for participation in local, regional and national level competition of their chosen weapons of the Foil, Sabre, and Epee’.

Study in the Classical method is a martial art form and prepares the student for not only local and national competitive assaults, but for a self–disciplined lifestyle in a time-honored tradition.

Classical instruction is given in: the French and Italian Schools of the Foil, the Dueling Sword, the Small Sword, the Northern Italian School of the Sabre and the Hutton Method of the Military Sabre.  We will soon be also offering the Polish Sabre and the Turkish Kilic.

Study of Historical Fencing will focus the student on the origins and historical chronology of fencing through the weaponry and subsequent techniques of Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical periods. Dedication to these weapons is indeed its own discipline that requires good physical conditioning and mental acuity. Sessions are often held outdoors on uneven and varying terrain to best replicate a true historical perspective.

Weapons studied are the Long Sword, the Medieval dagger of Fiore,  the Bolognese side sword of Marozzo, and the Italian Rapier and dagger of Capoferro and Fabris.  All of these disciplines are in line with the pedagogy of Academie Duello.   Please see our affiliation with them on the Salle Page.

Wellness Classes

Tai Chi:

For centuries in the meditative and martial arts, a lineage holder is one designated by a master to carry on the master’s teaching once he has passed on. Traditionally, as is the case with Shifu Loretta Wollering, the designee undergoes the ceremony of baishi. This involves taking an oath of dedication to pledge one’s life to the continuation of the master’s teachings. In return, the lineage holder receives countless hours of personal training and inherits the master’s teaching materials.  Shifu Loretta is one of the world’s leading authorities on the classically based tai chi and Taoist teachings of Master Jou Tsung Hwa.  Our Salle if very pleased to have Shifu Loretta  Wollering, proprietor of Internal Gardens, as our instructor!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available by either selecting an open slot on our appointment calendar, or by special appointment. One-on-one instruction offers the student a full 30 minutes of uninterrupted attention in the student’s weapon of choice.
*Note that the Heavy Military Sabre is available only by Private Lesson.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are available at times preset by the Salle or by appointment in small Private Groups. Private Groups can be arranged with friends and family for those who cannot commit to the Salle’s scheduled classes. A private group lesson must, however, be specific to one weapon chosen by the group. These sessions can be arranged on a fixed schedule or on an ad hoc basis for times and dates that are mutually agreeable by the group.

Summer Camps

Camps are available throughout the summer and are schedule in a weekly or monthly (1 day/week/5 weeks) format based on demand.