Participation in any form of fencing, be it sportive, classic or historic, is individual. Our focus is therefore placed upon the individual. Our Salle, is small and almost boutique-like in its look and feel. It is so by design! In an such an atmosphere, unique in the modern world of sport fencing, we provide our students with a calm and quiet “ma maison” experience that provides the student the ability to learn at their own pace in a Salle in which they feel very much at home.

Vive le Difference!

Sport Fencing:
Modern day competitive fencing originates in the classical discipline and much of what comes from the ancient art can be found in today’s sport. It makes its departure from the classical style in that it focuses on score, competition and athleticism. Indeed, competitive fencing graduates to Olympic and World Champion ambitions and is a clear path for the competitive focused athlete.

Classical Fencing:
A discipline that focuses on proper form and technique over the ambition of winning a bout. Excellence is found through the correct execution of actions that are based on a sound and balanced physical platform. Indeed, in all local and national competitive assaults, a significant part of the scoring in these events is given to the strict adherence of proper period technique and etiquette, which makes it quite demanding.

Historical Fencing:
Salle Marquis de Lafayette, is proud to have established a close working relationship with Acadamie Duello of Vancouver, Canada. After considerable research we’ve concluded that there is no better curriculum and pedagogy as that which is offered by Acadamie Duello and its founder Devon Boorman. Academie Duello is the World’s largest center for Historical European Martial Arts and we are quite honored to have established such a close working relationship with them. In consequence, Salle Marquis de Lafayette is currently offering courses that are in line with the exact pedagogy and methodology of Academie Duello according to their guidance. Presently we have on offer studies of Unarmed, Rapier, and Longsword at the “Green Cord/Apprentice” level. A complete Armazare of all weapons and skills will be offered in time as we expand our relationship and competency with Academy Duello.

Students will be provided access to Duello TV, a “Chez Maison” study course included with their tuition for course study. To learn more about Duello TV Click here:

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