The mission of our Salle is to uphold the true classical art form of Fencing in each discipline, be it Sport, Classical, or Historical, so as to not lose sight of its martial origins of Combat and Self-Defense. The original root word for Fencing is the old German “Schema” which means: “To Defend One’s Self”. We embrace several alternative methods of devotion and draw from several different schools for the various weapons we offer for study.

Participation in this ancient art contributes not only to a sound mind and body but also to the graces of self-control, coordination, discipline, and self esteem. It is a perfect balance of anaerobic and aerobic exercise that sees its pupils participating well into their senior years.

At the Salle we offer instruction in the techniques and tactics of the modern electronic sport as well as those well rooted in western history dating back to Medieval Europe and the Renaissance. In every discipline emphasis is placed upon sound coordination and proper technique. Students must advance in a controlled and uniform way so that they not only realize their full athletic and skill potential, but to also respect their place in history as they continue the ideals of Chivalry and Sportsmanship!

We hope that you will join us.