Coach Outwin:

Salle Marquis de Lafayette was founded by Coach Tom Outwin in 2012.  Tom has been involved with sport fencing since 1967 and  participated in competitive fencing at the National and International levels in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  He has served with distinction as a Prevot d’Arms at Salle Sebastiani in Houston, Texas and at the Erste Fechtunion in Vienna Austria.

From 2011 to 2014 Tom served as  Head Coach at Mendham High School, a school that continues to figure prominently  in local District and State Competitions. He was lauded as the New Jersey Scholastic Coaches Association Coach of the Year in 2012





Coach Davis:  

Jack Davis commenced his Fencing Career at Salle Marquis de Lafayette in the summer of 2013.  Joining the Mendham Fencing Team as a freshman, he quickly advanced to the Varsity Squad via his participation in the Team Development Program. Subsequently his efforts on the Varsity Team during his four year tenure earned him multiple county, district, and conference titles. He served as squad captain in his senior year.

Currently, he fences at the University of Virginia and leads the foil squad as its Captain. In his freshman year, he helped the foil squad win the SIFA conference foil title. He is also a student of historical fencing, specializing in Longsword, for over three years.  Jack serves Salle Marquis de Lafayette as a Sportive Prevot d’ Armes and as an Historical Weapons Scholar.